Greenworks 24252 G-max 40v Review: Best Cordless Lightweight Leaf Blower

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Greenworks 24252 G-max 40v Review: Best Cordless Lightweight Leaf Blower
Greenworks 24252 G-max 40v Review: Best Cordless Lightweight Leaf Blower

Discover the Greenworks 24252 g-max 40v, the best cordless lightweight leaf blower for effortless yard cleaning. With its lightweight design and powerful performance, this garden tool transforms tedious tasks into enjoyable duties. Experience the convenience of cordless operation, multiple speed settings, and reliable battery power. Say goodbye to tiring cleanup and embrace a tidy, hassle-free yard.

Imagine your backyard is littered all over with twigs and leaves, and you only have a rake at your disposal. Cleaning the yard in such a case is tedious and time-consuming. Not so when you have the best cordless lightweight leaf blower, such as the Greenworks 24312, your perception of the duty changes. The rather tiresome and boring work becomes light and enjoyable. Moreover, such an efficient machine leaves behind a tidy compound that leaves you smiling all the time. The Greenworks 24252 g-max 40v is one such garden tool. It promises to transform the regular, tiresome cleaning work into an enjoyable duty to always look forward to.

What makes the Greenworks 24252 the best cordless lightweight leaf blower?

Five things make this garden tool the best cordless lightweight leaf blower

  • Weighs only 3.3lbs without the battery
  • Requires no power cable during operation
  • Takes shorter duration to charge (approximately 1 hour) and stores 40v2AH of electric power
  • Features the durable design
  • Produces enough CFM to drive dry leaves from your yard or driveway.

Key Features of this best cordless lightweight leaf blower

Battery delivers full power to the last minute

The leaf blower is fitted with the 40V 2Ah lithium-ion battery. Unlike the nickel-cadmium-based battery, this model charges faster and delivers current thrice the time of the nickel counterpart. Moreover, the battery delivers full voltage to the last minute without dropping. Therefore it enables the leaf blower to deliver its full potential. It then follows that for the 30 minutes of runtime, you will be able to cover a larger area. Moreover, it’s compatible with the GreenWorks G-MAX 4 AH for extended run time.


Leaf blowing is a regular exercise. To most people, it’s a dreadful duty. Having the heavy leaf blowing will further make it more difficult. The Greenworks, on the other hand, is lightweight and weighs 3.3lbs without the battery.  Holding the blower in one hand, therefore, gives less strain to your muscles.  The lightweight also enables you to move a large number of leaves in one sweep.

No annoying cable or fumes

In addition to the lightweight, you won’t bother about an annoying cable to drag along always. The blower is powered by a rechargeable battery. Thus it enhances your mobility. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the choking fumes as in the case of the gas leaf blowers. When you choose the Greenworks 24252 g-max 40v you say bye to the delicate act balancing of the gas and the oil mixing.

Multiple speed settings

The garden tool allows you to set the wind speed according to the dictates of the job you are handling. Thus when set to the low speed, you can blow dry leaves without creating a mess of the leaves or dust from the ground. Clearing wet leaves are much difficult thus requires higher wind speed. The garden tool offers a maximum motor speed of 150MPH which should be enough. With the leaf blower’s tip directing the air, the task is made lighter.

To further tap on the different speeds, the blower tip also allows you to tweak the wind speed slightly.

Best Cordless Lightweight Leaf Blower

Reliable and convenient starting mechanism

Starting the Greenworks is simple since it uses the on-off button. Compared to the pulling start mechanism, the electric start is easier and reliable. You don’t have to pull several times to ignite eth engine; at the press of a button, it’s turned on.

Extendable blower tube

Its construction features two-piece tubes.  Thus when you connect the extension tube, you won’t have to bend to a higher degree during the cleaning exercise. That increases the efficiency of the too and leaves you with less back pain. Using the blower for sweeping and gathering the leaves becomes less tedious.

Runs quietly

A noisy leaf blower soon turns transforms you to be your neighbors’ enemy. In addition, it might also limit the hours and the neighborhoods where it can be used. Not so with the blower; it runs quietly from the battery power.

Convenient handle

The positioning of the blower handle is well calculated and provides for easy grip of the equipment. Moreover, the buttons are placed within reach of your fingers. Thus you won’t have to overstretch your fingers to reach the control buttons.

Requires less storage space

The equipment measures 31 x 7 x 10 inches and weighs only 3.3 pounds (excluding the batter).   Hence it won’t take up much of your storage space.

What I like Greenworks 24252 g-max 40v

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to reach control buttons when held with one hand
  • Extendable blowing tube
  • Runs quietly

What I dislike Greenworks 24252 g-max 40v

  • It can’t match the gas power
  • Only suitable for small and medium-sized yards owing to the 35 minutes runtime provision

Final verdict

If you require the best cordless lightweight leaf blower for your medium or small yards, such as the Greenworks 24012, Greenworks 24252 g-max 40v won’t disappoint you. Moreover, upon its purchase, you get the battery plus the charger; the complete set. And when you combine it with the GreenWorks G-MAX 4 AH, you get more than one hour of runtime.

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