Best Partner Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Blower Review: Features, Pros, Cons

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Best Partner Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Blower Review: Features, Pros, Cons
Best Partner Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Blower Review: Features, Pros, Cons

Scattered leaves can create a mess in your compound you know. When they fall and spread all over the yard for example during the autumn, they create a bad image of the garden. Having equipment that helps you to get the work done without straining your back would be the best idea then. That’s why you need the best leaf vacuum mulcher blower. With such garden equipment, regular yard cleaning becomes less tiring.

Moreover, it will help you to either pile up the leaves or shred them to make a compost heap. One such blower that promises to transform your yard cleaning into an enjoyable task is the best partner electric leaf blower vacuum/mulcher.

What makes this product become the best leaf vacuum mulcher blower?

What makes this product become the best leaf vacuum mulcher blower?
  • For the small or medium-sized garden, the best partner leaf blower vacuum mulcher becomes the best for the following reasons;
  • As the electric corded blower, it will deliver full power from the start to finish without any fume or calling for constant charging.
  • Its light weight about 10lbs and thus even under regular use, it won’t leave a strain on your body
  • Despite its small and portable design, it delivers the enormous power for an efficient job next to the gas-powered models; 200mph/450cfm

For a comprehensive understanding of the best leaf vacuum mulcher blower here are the key features;

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Key Features

Easily to assemble

Although the blower/mulcher/vacuum, comes in disassembled parts it’s easy to put together. In fact, you only need to put together the long tube then attach it to the main engine. To accomplish all that you won’t need any tool; the parts snap in easily.

3 in 1 Leaf Blower

The equipment plays three roles; blower, vacuum, and mulcher. So when cleaning your driveway or backyard it gives you options for handling the leaves. In the vacuum mode, you can suck them up, shred them into smaller pieces before adding them to your compost pile. Alternatively, you can blow the dry leaves into a heap too.

Powerful Motor

As an electric corded machine, it relies on the 12 amperes motor. The powerful motor supports the idling speed of 1100/1400rpm. However, during operation, it drives the airflow of 450cfm at the maximum speed of 200mph. The motor also drives the high impact fan thus discouraging jamming during mulching exercise.

Two Speed

Its two feature variable speed makes it even more convenient. When you need more power to blow the thick layer of leaves, simply switch to a higher speed and move the tube closer to the leaves.

Easy to switch the functions

As said earlier, it functions both as a blower and a vacuum. Switching between those two functions only requires the press of a button. Meaning there is no complicated process required. Furthermore, the position of the switchover button is also convenient. It’s within your finger’s reach while holding the blower.

Satisfy Different

Collecting and disposing of the dry leaves don’t have to be a challenge when you have the best partner leaf blower/vacuum/mulcher. As you vacuum the leaves you channel them automatically to the collection bag. And owing to its larger capacity you will only need to make few trips in disposing of the leaves.

Although it’s slightly heavy, 10.6lbs it doesn’t compare to the weight of gas-powered models. And considering the high speed and torque it produces compared to its size, it’s a good asset for small to medium-sized yards.

best leaf vacuum mulcher blower

What I like about the 3 in one garden tool

  • The leaf blower vacuum mulcher attracts little maintenance. No need for gas or oil
  • Quick and easy switch over (just press a button) between vacuum and blower mode saves time
  • Its two-speed mode adapts perfectly to various leaf blowing intensiti9es
  • As electric corded equipment, you are assured of full power from start to finish; nothing like running out of charge
  • It’s environmentally friendly too; no choking fumes released to the atmosphere

What I dislike about it

  • When in operation, it produces the loud noise.
  • Its electric corded, thus its coverage is limited to the power cable length. However, with an extension cable, you can reach an extended length.

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For small to medium yards, the three-in-one garden tool is the best leaf vacuum mulcher blower. Provided you can tolerate the 10.6lbs weight and power cable, you will reap the huge benefit of this blower. Support it with an extension power cable and you can blow/vacuum leaves to the radius you have never imagined!

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