Black and Decker BV5600 Review – High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher

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Black and Decker BV5600 Review – High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher
Black and Decker BV5600 Review – High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher

Belonging to Black and Decker’s premium range of 3-in-1 garden maintenance solutions, the Black and Decker BV5600 appears to be a rare combination of sheer motor power and great design innovation on paper. If these truly appear to be what they are, this product would turn out to be one of the most widely applicable leaf vacuum mulchers available.

However, despite the fame of BLack and Decker leaf blower bv5600, these claims require closer scrutiny, as shall be carried out in the detailed Black and Decker BV5600 Review below.

Black and Decker BV5600 is perfect for those who….

  • Have large amounts of leaf debris and live in a wet environment. Such folks can benefit from the powerful leaf removal methods, as well as the special adaptations that allow the leaves to be loosened prior to removal. Furthermore, people having a lot of hard surfaces can benefit, as the structure is specially adapted to such environments as well.

Black and Decker BV5600 Review

Great Motor Power and Equally Great Speed

Motor power and speed are intimately linked, and so we find that the company has provided the product with an excellent 12 amp motor. This motor, among its many functions, can easily support the 250 mph maximum speed that the product boasts of, thereby ensuring that the user always receives a sustained maximum speed even when running the device for long hours.

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Powerful Metal Fan

Matching the excellent speed is the sturdy metal fan, which ensures that in mulcher mode the leaves can be ground into a fine mulch without there being any risks of clogging. Further, being made of metal, the product is durable and does not need to be repaired even when twigs and small branches make their way into the fan blades along with the leaves.

Great Reduction Ratio and Large Bag

By virtue of having a powerful fan and a great motor, the mulcher can reduce about 16 bags of leaves into a single bag of mulch. However, the capacity of the product is not limited to 16 bags of leaves, as the carrying bag has a capacity of 1.5 bushels, thereby allowing almost an entire garden to be covered without emptying the bag once.

Special Nozzle for loosening difficult debris and leaves

A pivoting action turbo nozzle ensures that the product can remove even those leaves and debris that are matted to the ground and hence hard to remove under normal circumstances. This nozzle manages to remove such dirt and leaves with equal efficiency regardless of the speed being used.


  • Good speed and motor power enhance the applicability of the product to large and dense leaf blankets.
  • Metal fan can reduce the leaves to mulch without causing blockages and other associated problems.
  • Mulch is so fine that an entire garden can fit into one bag, especially since a large bag has been provided.
  • Special nozzle can provide the same benefits even when the leaves and dirt are hard to remove.


  • The length of the power cord has been criticized by some as being somewhat short. But you can also choose a cordless leaf blower from Black and Decker Products like Black and Decker LSWV36 to instead

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Although the Black & Decker BV5600 high-performance blower/vac/mulcher has power cord issues, the power cord itself is sturdy and efficient enough to provide excellent mulching and other functions in the area that it supports. Such functions, as seen above, are extremely beneficial both to the standard leaf carpets as well as to hard to remove matted leaves and hardened debris.

Combined together, these features make this black decker bv5600 a trusty workhorse that can handle the fall season in a variety of environments without causing disruptions.

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