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Over the years, Dewalt has built up a strong reputation in the power tools industry, and its range of electric leaf blowers has been part of the reason why. The DEWALT DCBL720P1 20V MAX 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Blower is located in the upper half of the price range for blowers and so can be expected to be one of the best offerings in the market.

Dewalt tries its level best to achieve this by providing a plethora of core features from well-designed nozzle and tube and powerful brushless motors to among the most ergonomic designs in the industry.

That said though, it has been accused of cutting down on accessories in the past to adjust costs and fears remain that the DCBL720P1 would also be a victim of such cost-cutting. User experience, while belying some of these fears, doesn’t assuage all, as we shall see below.

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Excellent trigger start mechanism

Given the propensity for multiple types of buttons and controls in power tools of the 21st Century, it is refreshing to see Dewalt taking a somewhat different route. This product eschews separate Startup and Turbo buttons in favor of a single adjustable trigger.

As we discovered, folks wishing to control the output minutely but over small periods of time can use the trigger to make such micro-adjustments. The convenient location of the trigger is an added plus.

Well-designed tube structure

 DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Blower, Brushless, 5-Ah Battery
  • The tube and nozzle go a long way in deciding how much actual mileage a blower can offer. While each company has its own patented design in this department, Dewalt pulls out all stops to come up with a deceptively long tube and large nozzle that veterans were quick to declare one of the most efficient in pumping out large amounts of air.
  • In other words, the somewhat mediocre 90mph offered by this blower quickly turns into 400CFM of sheer blowing power. However, all this power is somewhat wasted when one sees that the base unit does not come with a lot of the attachments and accessories that the competitors offer.

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Excellent brushless motor

For some time, the industry has been moving towards brushless motors as a means of providing more efficient operations. Dewalt is no exception, except that its motor is among the best in the market.

Beyond simple power comparisons, users have noted that the unit sustains itself far longer than others under sustained pressure. Furthermore, it may be one of the reasons why this product is less noisy than others and produces a none too irritating buzzing sound.

Great Battery backup

Motors possessing the power to pump out 400CFM cannot be expected to sip on battery juice. Keeping this in mind, Dewalt offers a mammoth 5Ah battery as default, though it is versatile enough to accept other, weaker power tools’ batteries as well. With the default battery though, the unit can pump out almost 20 minutes of high-volume air before it needs a recharge.

Efficient Axial fan

While most people do not notice the finer points of the blower’s innards, it is worth mentioning that the much-touted axial fan of this unit does live up to its billing. We could find no other reason why the motor would be able to perform as well as it did, even when dealing with heavy fall foliage.

The DEWALT DCBL720P1 is the best leaf blower of 2024 on our nomination list. 


  • Excellent axial fan and motor provide the muscle needed for heavy blowing
  • Tube and nozzle are designed to maximize air output and spread
  • Excellent battery life regardless of the working conditions
  • Trigger start mechanism allows for efficient operation, including speed variations
  • Brushless motor keeps sound levels in check


  • Lack of accessories can add costs for folks seeking versatility
  • At 9.7lbs, the product can prove a bit heavy for new users.

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