Different Types of Leaf Blowers on the Market
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Various leaf blowers are designed to meet different user specifications. Whether hand-held, electric, or gas-powered, they all give you blisters and help you clear fallen leaves and other debris from your yard and driveway.

Electric Hand Blowers

These models typically weigh 8 pounds or less and are designed for one hand. They have a start button and exhaust emissions. It has a power cord that could limit your mobility and can be a hassle around trees and other obstacles. It is most considerable, where an electrical outlet is within 100 feet of the work area.

Under this electric category, there are wireless blowers powered by a rechargeable battery. They provide similar electrical power output, but with a much greater degree of flexibility, making them ideal for small properties, gutter clean-outs, and blowing light snow from the deck. It is also a silent blower. When it comes to low noise levels, it is hard to beat lithium-ion batteries. At about $ 175- $ 200, they cost more than the corresponding wired, but many of them are part of larger platforms battery mowers, trimmer lines, and chain saws. Unfortunately, the battery drains too quickly, especially when the tool operates at high speed, as it should be, which means that it can still meet the needs of most people.

Gas-Powered Portable Blowers

They are not designed for the one-handed user, and the power cord tangles or limits mobility. A more capable model pack does more sweeping and blowing. Gas engines require periodic tune-ups and are strong enough to justify the protection against noise. Gas-powered portable blowers are usually heavier than electric leaf blowers; Most weigh about 10 pounds. And most of the models have two-stroke engines that require a mix of fuel and oil. Those with four engines, which are cleaner, may also be relatively heavy.

Natural gas portable ones are quite difficult to use, in fact, the general recommendation is to skip them and to step up to the backpack model if you can afford it. Here’s why: the average gas tube wweighsabout 10 pounds, making it 2-3 pounds heavier than the comparable wired model.

Winding can take some time, and 30 or 40 minutes floating and rotating the gas engine at arm’s length is difficult to do. With a backpack, you’ll have at least the same power, usually more, but a much better ergonomic experience. However, backpacks are more expensive, so if you have to stick to a tight budget, you may have to work with a portable gas blower.

Backpack Blowers with Natural Gas

These blowers are generally added power by the handheld fans. Great weigh up to 17 pounds or more – almost double the handheld gas blower. But the back and shoulders support the weight. As the handheld models of gas, they are usually noisier than electric, although some minimum noise limits where applicable. The disadvantages of backpack blowers are the cost and maintenance.

For the most part, a backpack model starts at $ 250 to more than $ 500 for a small one and medium-size model, usually less than $ 350. Like all blowers, handheld or backpack, they can be loud and smelly, and require proper Storage and have to be mixed up with gas and oil to make them work. Concerns about emissions (and noise) have resulted in many cities and regions, resulting to restrict or prohibit gas leaf blowers.

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