Greenworks 24012 7 Amp Electric Leaf Blower Reviews

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Greenworks 24012 7 Amp Electric Leaf Blower Reviews
Greenworks 24012 7 Amp Electric Leaf Blower Reviews

Unlike much of the competition in the market, Greenworks has a history of focusing on balancing blowing capacity with power and portability. This is especially true for its lower and mid-range units, which are typically aimed at DIY-minded homeowners with finite time and muscular resources.

The Greenworks leaf blower model 24012, such as the Greenworks 24312, aims to fit their requirements, offering the best combination of portability, speed, blowing power, and cost per yard. However, it is also true that there is much beefier competition in the market, which sacrifices emission benefits for maximum gasoline-powered blowing capability.

Can this Greenworks lightweight contender match up to this competition while retaining its manufacturer’s “green” focus?

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Main Features of Greenworks 24012 7 Amp

Excellent Portability and Ergonomics

Electric leaf blowers are meant to be lighter than their gasoline counterparts, so it is perhaps no surprise that this Greenworks unit excels in this area. With a weight of just 4.5 pounds, it bests even the electric competition in the sub-$50 bracket by some distance.

What really stood out for most users though, was the simple and easy-to-use design. Most users were pleased to find that the battery-operated unit could be operated with just one hand. This is because the nozzle/tube component is angled in a way that does not cause wrist fatigue, while the handle ensures a steady but none-too-tiring grip.

Balanced Power

Coming to the question of power, the 7AH unit is capable of maintaining a steady 160 MPH without any heating or mechanical problems. This is perfect for clearing out sidewalks, patios, and other dry surfaces with ease.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that in fact, in some cases it did better than gasoline variants we tested. This was especially true for corners and tight surfaces. Here, bulky gasoline units tended to perform poorly while the Greenworks unit, while occasionally shooting leaves (and spiders!) upwards, did a better job.

However, we also discovered that this unit does rather poorly when it comes to blowing off leaves from dense foliage or wet topsoil. While some found this to be a disadvantage, others have pointed out that gardeners advise against blowing leaves off the soil, since this tends to remove the nutrient-rich topsoil as well.


Greenworks 24012 7 Amp Electric Leaf Blower Reviews

Well-designed Safety Features

Given that it is a battery-based unit, Greenworks, such as the Greenworks 24252, dispenses with fixed extension cords to provide greater flexibility. This, however, brings in the possibility of users attaching a wide variety of cords, each with its own specifications. To this end, the company has provided a rather handy safety cord lock that prevents any unhappy incidents from occurring due to poor cord management.

While this did not prevent all cords from coming loose and falling off, users strongly believed that it was due more to their choice of cord than the unit itself. That said, we believe that the company should have offered a Greenworks product-specific extension cord, either bundled with the unit itself or as a separate but easily purchasable accessory.

Low Noise Output

Lastly, the unit’s battery-powered motor tends to produce far less vibration and noise compared to other electric or gas blowers. This allows the unit to be used for indoor cleaning as well, even with children or elderly members around.

The Greenworks 24012 7 Amp Electric Leaf Blower is Perfect For……

  • All suburban homeowners and any who have small garden/lawn plots. Barring the wettest of climes, this unit should do well under all weather conditions, be they spring, summer, autumn, or even winter. The option to add an extension cord allows one to use the unit over larger distances should the need arise, though the battery isn’t exactly designed for golf courses and suchlike.
  • Combined with great ergonomics and a motor that doesn’t tire out the lungs or hands, this unit is the perfect companion for DIY homeowners looking to clean up the yard over the weekend.

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  • Lightweight design allows for greater blowing at a stretch
  • Good nozzle design achieves maximum blower efficiency, even in tight corners and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Decent speed for dry surfaces like patios, sidewalks and dry lawns/gardens.
  • Strong battery combined with an optional extension cord allow for optimal combination of blow duration and weight.
  • Safety lock keeps extension cords in place.
  • Low noise allows for indoor use.


  • No extension cord included with product.
  • Some extension cords tend to fall off despite the safety lock.
  • Mediocre performance on wet surfaces and dense foliage.

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