Pick the Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher: Experts Explain Things to Keep in Mind
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If your compound has many trees and every day you are expected to collect or clean the area, you will surely find this work tedious. You need not worry since; a leaf vacuum mulcher is a perfect machine for this work. It is fitted with several blades that cut the leaves into small pieces after sucking them.

The end product is fit for the preparation of mulch. You can use it for composting, you will end up with high-quality compost manure, and your compound will stay very clean with little effort. The result is now you have compost manure for your flowers or vegetable garden. Besides, you will not need to visit your gardening shop for compost manure or mulch.

Types of leave Vacuum Mulchers

Three types of leave mulchers exist

Electric Leaf Vacuum Mulchers

These mulchers use electricity as the energy source as the name indicates. Compared to the rest they are smaller and produce less noise when in action. To use them you need a power cable connected to an electric socket. They are ideal for small yards.

Gas Leaf Vacuum Mulchers

The older generation of mulchers uses gas to run the machines. With these types, you do not have to move around with a power cable. If you have a large yard, this is the best choice. You can move around with no objections, and you can work for longer.

They have the potential to pollute the environment, and they produce more noise when in use compared to the other mulchers. They are bulky and may not be perfect to use in hot weather.

Battery Leaf Vacuum Mulchers

These are a form of cordless leaf mulchers. If you believe gas mulchers are bulky and noisy and you don’t want to move around with a power cable. Then your solution is to settle for a battery-powered mulcher. These leaf mulchers are run through an internal power battery. These types are not fit for large areas.

The time it will take to operate is directly related to the energy stored in the battery and the level of power you are using. If the mulcher is functioning at 100%, the power stored in the battery will not last you long. You can significantly extend the operating hours of the mulchers if you run them on reduced energy levels.

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How to Pick the Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

To choose the best leaf vacuum mulcher, you need to take the following aspects into consideration

The size of the area to clean

If you are working on a small area, you can opt for a small leaf mulcher, electric, or battery-run.  And if you have a large area to clear, a gas mulcher is best. The area to cover will determine the size of the mulcher and its airspeed.

Time required cleaning the area

This is related to the speed and accuracy of the mulcher in question. If you have more time, you can opt to choose a machine of lower speed. But all in all, the best mulcher should have ample speed to save time and energy.

The leaf sizes

The size of leaves from the trees in question is an important lead in the type of leaf mulcher to select. This will guide you in selecting a mulcher with the correct specifications.


We have many leaf mulchers in the market today with different types and specifications. So when buying a leaf mulcher, some of the crucial specifications to consider are the power used, motor specs, speed variation, impeller strength, weight, switching capability, reduction ratio, and the nozzle design. These specifications will act as a sure guide based on the volume of work and leaves to mulch.

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