Making your choice better over Backpack and Non Backpack Blower

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Backpack and Non Backpack Blower
Making your choice better over Backpack and Non Backpack Blower

Fall is here, and soon you will see leaves overflowing your lawn, blowers make quick work of clearing leaves from the yard. Here we are going to discuss the difference between the backpack over the non-backpack models, and the pros and cons of each type of model.

Backpack Blower

Backpack Leaf Blower
Backpack Leaf Blower

Whether your backyard is filled with trees or you simply need to clean up the clippings after you harvest the lawn, a backpack blower can save your time and hassle. This powerful yard tool blast leaves and other debris off to the side, and out of your way, in less time than it would take to use a rake or broom.

Most landscape builders keep a backpack blower in their trucks. If you have a large personal property, you will also want to consider backpack models for their sheer strength. They’re useful while dealing with heavy debris.

While there is no doubt about the utility of a backpack blower, this convenience can be widened by choosing the right backpack blower for your yard. There are several different styles of blowers, from dozens of brands, producing hundreds of models.

Gas Powered Blowers

A gas-powered backpack blower provides you with the most power.


  • Battery-powered- Complete mobility. Being completely battery-powered, it also offers excellent mobility.
  • More powerful than either the electrical or battery operated models.


  • Gas Supply, you will have to ensure a sufficient amount of gas is available to power the blower, to avoid the difficulty of a mid-yard clean-up gas run.
  • Gas Prices, the cost of gas adds to the highest price per use.

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 Electric Powered Backpack

These Blowers are those that are powered by cords


  • Electric models have one important advantage over the other two classes of models; they never need to be recharged or refilled.
  • Power is similar to battery driven blowers.


  • Poor Range – because of the cord, your range is weak. However, this can be reduced by buying an extension cord.

 Battery powered backpack blowers

These blowers are powered by a rechargeable battery.


  • You can recharge the batteries, they are rechargeable, no dependence on gas or electrical supply.
  • Mobility. The battery pack used enables you the same freedom of movement you would find in a gas powered blower, but without the dependence on fuel.


  • Battery packs manage to last for about 30 minutes, with each charge. If it takes longer to finish your job, consider purchasing back up battery packs, or just allocating extra time to recharge the battery.

Hand-Held Blowers or Non Backpack Blowers

Hand-Held Blowers

The handheld leaf blower is seemingly the most common as they are the cheapest and least powerful. They come with electric fuel or gas sources with electricity coming in corded or cordless versions. You can find handheld blowers everywhere between under 200 cfm to just under 400 cfm with gas being the most powerful of the two. Landscape builders may want to keep a handheld blower available for small jobs, but they’re designed for residential use. They’re easy for landlords to use and aren’t too loud for most neighborhoods.

If you’re interested in a handheld blower, you have two options. You can choose a gas blower or an electric model.

 Handheld Gas Blower


  • The old choice is gas. Mostly designed for one-handed use, you can take them everywhere because they don’t have a power cord.
  • You’ll quickly make leaves and other debris fly away with impressive sweeping and alleviating power.


  • Gas-powered blowers can be quite heavy. This may make long jobs difficult. Engines need occasional tune-ups to run smoothly.
  • Wear ear protection, as some models are loud.

 Handheld Electric Blower


Electric models offer many advantages. They’re light and start with the push of a button. They don’t emit chemicals and can rival the sweeping and loosening abilities of handheld gas blowers.


Electric models that use cords to limit your mobility. Typically, you’ll have to keep close to an outlet to use them. If that’s not possible, consider a battery-powered electric blower. It is important to keep the battery charged.

These landscaping devices will save time, and they can be used for gardening as well as to quickly dust a surface, driveway or path anywhere a little bit of wind is needed.

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