RYOBI RY09050 26cc 200MPH Review

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RYOBI RY09050 26cc 200MPH Review
RYOBI RY09050 26cc 200MPH Review

While the efficiency of operation is often the only criterion considered by the user when purchasing a gas leaf blower, it is equally true that the economy of oil observed by the product is equally important. The RYOBI RY09050 claims to excel not only in this aspect but also in providing excellent noise reduction, low emission, and speed control. Questions may arise, however, as to whether the product can maintain the features it claims it has while working for long periods, especially when rapid changes in speed and function are made. The review below will address these questions

Main Features of RYOBI RY09050

Easy Startup and Low Emission

Keeping in mind the needs of those who need to clear their backyard quickly, the manufacturer has provided this gas leaf blower ryobi cordless with the StartEasy system, which reduces the startup time considerably.

Interestingly, this feature does not lead to a waste of fuel and a lot of emissions, courtesy of the special 2-cycle engine that powers this product.

Excellent Speed Control and Low Product Weight

Along with the excellent startup, the product comes with a special speed-throttle system that allows users to work in delicate areas like flower beds without worrying about the product damaging the precious plants. Further, this system allows for an efficient cruise control mode that can remove leaves and debris from large areas quickly.

Despite this sophisticated system, the product weight has been restricted to 9.5lbs, due to the compact and streamlined design employed by the manufacturers.

Excellent Mulching Ratio and airspeed

While speed control provides adaptability, the product does not fall short in terms of sheer power, using its excellent design and 2-cycle engine to offer 200mph airspeed should it be needed.

Shift from blowing to mulching mode, and the efficiency translates to a 12:1 leaf to mulch reduction ratio, which is excellent for a gas leaf blower

SoundGuard system for quiet operation

One of the salient features of the design is the inclusion of a special SoundGuard down-the-tube exhaust system, which muffles the noise made by the powerful motor while working at full capacity, thus making this product ideal for use in hospitals and other areas with sound restrictions.

What I like

  • Compact and lightweight design combines with powerful 2-cycle engine to offer 200mph blowing speed and 12:1 leaf to mulch ratio. If you want more lightweight one, Husqvarna 125BVx 28cc is also a good choice
  • Low noise production courtesy SoundGuard system.
  • Speed modification and cruise control features allow for quick modification of the speed for handling difficult or delicate areas.
  • Quick startup without excessive emissions.

What I dislike

  • Some advanced features require a battery to work, but batteries have to be purchased separately in the market.


It is easy to say the oversight of not including batteries in a machine that requires them can lead to additional expenses for the buyer. That said, the RYOBI RY09050 more than makes up for this deficiency by offering excellent mulching and blowing statistics, good speed and speed control, and a motor that is kept quiet while efficiently removing leaves. Coupled with the compact and light design, these make the product ideal for use in a wide range of lawns and fields.

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