Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB 155 MPH 6 Amp Electric Leaf Blower Review

Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB 155 MPH 6 Amp Electric Leaf Blower Review
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Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB electric leaf blower is a great choice for home use every day. If you are looking for a lightweight and portable leaf blower, the device is for you. It offers only 6 amp power with good use regularly. Moreover, the speed is nearly good enough to blow leaves efficiently.

Who is the perfect use of the Electric leaf blower?

The affordable leaf blower is perfect who want a lightweight, simple, portable and cheap device. It is easy to carry and blow to keep your home around clean. Moreover, it will not need much space to store in a home. So, it is also perfect for tight space living people.

Main Features

An electric leaf blower is a suitable option for your home. It has many features at an affordable price. So, let’s have a quick view of the features.

  • Powerful motor for home around cleaning
  • Good airspeed
  • Two nozzle divider for efficient use
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Vibrate a Bit

Powerful motor for home around cleaning

Although 6 amp motor is not enough for a blower, it works well for its lightweight design. It is not a heavy-duty device for cleaning the home. Its motor is powerful enough to handle its strength and blow good-speed air.

Good airspeed

The small device is used for cleaning decks, garages, driveways and sweeping patios. Its 155 mph airspeed will surely help to clean your home around quickly and efficiently. However, it has no-load speed.

Two nozzle divider for efficient use

A special two-nozzle divider design makes it efficient for cleaning. The normal size is 32-inch. However, you can shorten the device to 11 inches for use. Therefore, you can easily reach the corners to clean efficiently.

Portable and Lightweight

The leaf blower is a portable and lightweight device to work for cleaning. You can easily keep it in your hallway closet. Its lightweight design will help to work without giving much effort. Its larger grip design will help to handle the blower properly for cleaning.

Vibrate a Bit

The device vibrates a bit when you will start it. Therefore, it is not suitable for people who have joint pain. You need to avoid the device for joint paint.

Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB 155 MPH 6 Amp Best Electric Leaf Blower

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  • The device is easy to use for any person
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Perfect for everyday use in the home
  • Does not need much space for storage
  • Affordable choice with full support


  • The power cord is not included with the device
  • Lacks top quality features
  • Does not come with much power
  • It vibrates a bit when using it


Overall, the electric leaf blower is an affordable choice for your home. The device is efficient to blow leaves and keep your home around clean. Moreover, you do not need to learn how to use the device. It is easy and simple to use. However, it is important to buy an additional power cord because it does not come with a power cord.

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