Tanaka Leaf Blower Vacuum Review

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Tanaka Leaf Blower Vacuum Review
Tanaka Leaf Blower Vacuum Review

Gas-powered leaf blowers provide better cleaning exercises on larger lawns. The area you can clean isn’t restricted except for the amount of gas you have. If you want one such moderately priced leaf blower then consider the Tanaka commercial grade 25 cc, 2 stroke engine.

The two-in-one garden tool although handheld has the right balance in strength, durability, and size. Moreover, it even features an aluminum carburetor and not plastic as some models do.
Read below to dig deep into its finer features

Tanaka Leaf Blower Vacuum Review

Features and specifications

Tanaka Leaf Blower Vacuum Review
  • It’s a gas-powered leaf vacuum mulcher and blower. It boasts 25cc, 2-stroke engine. From that specification, it is powerful enough to deliver 1.3hp.
  • The garden tool plays two roles. It acts as a blower and vacuum. Thus it allows you to not only clear the leaf debris from the lawn but also shred them into pieces to form a good mulch.

Good airspeed

Moreover, it drives an airspeed of 180mph with an airflow of 393CFM. Cleaning your yard then becomes much easier with the Tanaka commercial-grade vacuum blower.

Low noise rating

Most gas-powered blowers produce high noise intensity. Not so with Tanaka vacuum blower; it has the reduced noise rating specified at 67dbA. Thus as you clear the leaves from your yard, the noise produced won’t spill over to reach a larger area


Unlike most gas-powered leaf blowers which are heavy, the Tanaka vacuum blower weighs only 10.1lbs. Thus it lives to its name as a handheld leaf blower.

Variable speed setting

Since there is no one speed that fits all cases, this vacuum blower gives you the variable speed setting. The cruise control is through the trigger. The intensity of pressing the trigger is directly proportional to the speed produced. Hold it lightly by the finger to produce low speed to help you when collecting leaves.

Comfortable hand grip

Since you will be holding this blower for a longer time, a comfortable feeling is a key element. Therefore it gives you the soft elastomer grip for enhanced comfort

Supports directional blowing

Tanaka Gas Powered Handheld Leaf Blower Vacuum

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Owing to the protruding round nozzle tube, it supports the directional blowing feature. That translates to faster and efficient cleaning exercises. You won’t have to bend so low to reach the debris. The protruding nozzle comes to your rescue

Reduced emission

It’s a fact that gas-powered garden tools emit exhaust fumes. The Tanaka vacuum blower employs the Purefire low emission technology. It thus minimizes the fumes emitted.


  • Though handheld, it produces enormous power
  • Equipped with variable speed setting
  • Extended long nozzle


  • No shoulder strap
  • 2 cycle oil is not provided in the package
  • Produces more vibrations
  • Lacks the throttle trigger lock

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The Tanaka vacuum blower, 2 stroke engine delivers in its two roles. Moreover, it has a low noise rating of 67dbA. Coupled with the finger throttle speed setting, you have the garden tool that you can customize its speed to suit your need.

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