The Best Way to Clean up Leaves from a Large Yard

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The Best Way to Clean up Leaves from a Large Yard

Flowers and trees beautify the garden. Especially if you keep your lawn tidy, prune the flowers and trees too. Many people regard cleaning up leaves from large yards as a demanding task, particularly after the fall. Unfortunately, you can’t escape the duty. So the solution is to have a positive attitude and look for the best ways to tackle the job.

With the right mindset and right tools, maintaining your garden is a simple routine job. Here are a few tips on how you can clear leaves from your backyard;

1.    Pick on the right leaf blower

Getting the backpack leaf vacuum mulcher is the breakthrough to a fast and efficient collection of leaves. For medium-sized yards, a light backpack blower does the job faster. The lightweight means less strain on your back. Preferably it should have a long chute so that you don’t bend extremely.

Otherwise, when it’s a large-sized garden, tractor lawn mowers become the best choice. When blowing the leaves, follow the wind direction.

2.    Consider mulching instead of bagging

Most leaf blowers also do mulching. Blowing the leaves from the large yard into a pile will require you to make several trips to the damping site. So instead of bagging, mulch the leaves into crumbs. Doing so gives you two advantages;

•    Helps you to clean the yard within a short time

•    The crumbs decay much faster and enrich the soil with nutrients.

When using the lawnmower to vacuum the leaves, choose the slightly lower mower cutting height. That gives the equipment more suction power.

3. Make good use of a tarp

If you opt not to use a leaf blower, then you will have to make a pile of leaves. Next is the dreaded task of transportation. Although packing them into manageable boxes seems a good idea, it isn’t the best option due to the following reasons;

•    It requires plenty of time and concentration. Aiming the little bag opening and collecting the fallen ones still, need extra time.

•    At a time when the leaves are wet, the box will be wet too and tear up easily

That’s why the tarp makes the best alternative. So choose one that’s made of a sturdy and heavy material not blown by the wing easily. Blowing the leaves onto the tarp means just one trip to the wagon or damp site. Such piled leaves onto the tarp are easy to pull.

4. For medium sized lawns, rake

Although raking isn’t easy, it’s a cost-effective option to consider when you have kids. Teaming up with your family to clean your yard is a form of workout.

But only if you pick on the right rake; one that doesn’t require you to apply excessive pressure or clog too often. Also, it must possess the following qualities;

•    Has the comfortable handle

•    Doesn’t force you to bend down extremely

Consider raking in rows. A row of leaves is easy to divide into sections that you can bucket. But best still is collecting them into a tarp.


Cleaning up leaves from a large yard is a routine duty. Thus it requires patience. Besides you have to get the best tool that won’t leave you with aching muscles. Also, you don’t have to clear the entire fall leaves in a day.

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