What is the Best Gas Leaf Blower for the Money?

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What is the Best Gas Leaf Blower for the Money?
What is the Best Gas Leaf Blower for the Money

For certain there are many designs and brands of gas leaf blowers. Therefore choosing the best gas leaf blower for your money can be a real challenge. When shopping for the best gas leaf blower you would wish to have a garden tool that’s efficient, reliable, cleans your garden faster, and easy to carry

To make the best choice and secure the garden tool that gives you a bargain for your money, consider the following factors;

You garden size

Do you want the tool that will clear up leaves from a small patio? Or are you looking for a higher capacity gas leaf blower that will quickly tidy up a large garden in few minutes? Generally, higher CFM and MPH mean more power.

Handheld or backpack?

Handheld is ideal for the average gardener since it is simple to set up, use or store. However, they may cause fatigue after about 45 minutes of use.  On the other hand backpack, gas leaf blowers are perfect for large blowing jobs like heavily treed gardens. Their weights are easy to bear.

Ease of storage

Consider the amount of space the unit takes up. Can some parts be dismantled to support the ease of storage?

With that said, below are our 2 picks for the best gas leaf blower for the money;

Best Gas Leaf blower Review

Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 170 MPH Handheld Leaf Blower

Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 170 MPH Handheld Leaf Blower
  • The Hitachi RB24EAP is 2 stroke, gas powered leaf blower with an auto return stop switch.  The 23.99cc engine delivers 421 cubic feet of air per minute at a velocity of 170mph. Due to its high capability, it is suitable for big blowing jobs such as clearing autumn leaves.

The two-finger throttle lever and its weight of 8.6lbs make it simple to operate. Although it’s a gasoline-powered leaf blower, it features the PureFire low emission construction.  Thus it’s comfortable and safe to use owing to the low fumes emitted. It even meets the CARB Tier III compliant for California use.

Its design incorporates the purge primer thus it provides a quick trigger response


  • Quick and simple to start owing to the purge primer design
  • Requires very little assembly
  • Performs alternative blowing jobs such as drying the car, cleaning grass clippings and dust from the lawnmower


  • Low air volume
  • The fuel line is made of cheap plastic
  • Produces fumes
  • Can’t be mailed back to claim guarantee once you have loaded gas inside

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Makita BHX2500CA 24.5 cc MM4 4-Stroke Engine Blower

  • The Makita BHX2500CA is a 4 stroke engine leaf blower with a fuel tank capacity of 17.6 ounces. The gas-powered leaf blower incorporates the mechanical automatic engine decompression resulting in an easier starting mechanism and quiet running.

As a large engine fitted with a big muffler, it runs quietly at 67db (A). In addition, it has a two-level air filter which is also easy to access. The two-stage air filtration also contributes to the reliability and efficiency of the engine.  As a 4 stroke engine, it negates the need for mixing oil and fuel.

It gives an air volume of 356 CFM at the speed of 145MPH. when compared to two-stroke engines, it delivers low air volume. However, it is more stable and fuel-efficient than the 2 stroke engines.

Although it’s gas-powered it features improved exhaust emission. That is evident in its EPA Phase II, CARB Tier III compliance.


  • No fuel and oil mixing
  • Easy to start
  • More fuel efficient when compared to 2 strokes engines
  • Lightweight; 9.8lbs
  • Dual stage air filtration


  • You have to keep check of the crankcase oil


If you want an efficient and reliable gas-powered blower to clean a smaller garden, consider the Makita BHX2500CA 4 stroke engine. Although it gives low air volume, it’s fuel-efficient, stable, and easy to start.

But if you need the bigger engine for big blowing jobs, then Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered makes a good choice.

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