WORX WG591.9 56V Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower Review

WORX WG591.9 56V Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower Review
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Priced near the lower end of the cordless leaf blower spectrum, the WORX WG59 claims to punch above its weight both in terms of battery longevity and blowing power. Now if it were not for WORX products featuring prominently on the best cordless leaf blower reviews, one would hardly be inclined to believe that this lightweight monster is capable of pushing out 400+ CFM without breaking a sweat.

Add on the TURBO controls and air nozzle and you have a product that can beat the best in the business if it works as claimed. But as we know, all blowers blow their USPs on some issues, and history tells us that WORX has not always had the best reputation regarding batteries. Keeping this in mind, we tested this wannabe champ and found it does more than decently on most counts.

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WORX WG591.9 56V Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower Review


Weight and Ergonomics

Weighing in at a moderate 5.4lbs, this blower manages to push out power without draining the muscles. In our testing, we found the unit proved well balanced and combined with its ergonomic design and lightweight. This ensured that we never had trouble aiming it or holding it steady. The positioning of controls also doesn’t interfere with the natural motion of the arm. Thus allowing the arms to stay fresh even after finishing a medium-sized yard.2.

Speed and Blowing power

Coming to the meat of the matter, we found the WORX unit could push out a surprising amount of air for its form factor. While few of us could actually measure the speed, most concurred that the official 125mph would be accurate. More importantly, this speed translates into a marvelous clearance of 465cfm under ideal conditions. We found that this is enough to clear out the most unkempt of autumn yards when the tool is run at full speed.

Direction and speed controls

The nozzle allows the user to micromanage the direction of the airflow when dealing with delicate areas like flower beds. Some experienced users did miss the presence of more advanced attachments, but unless you’re into advanced gardening or landscaping, the stock blower should serve well in most cases.

Speed control is equally convenient, though we did find the range of speed options to be somewhat constricting. That said, a little trial and error allowed most users to customize the airflow sufficiently for the different areas of the house eg the lawn, patio, and the vegetable/flower beds.

Battery power

The battery is a standard WORX 56V unit that is capable of serving the tool for about 15 minutes at full speed. Interestingly, the unit has a three-bar battery indicator that provides visual information regarding the amount of juice left in the system. Using this and taking advantage of the simple battery release and charging mechanisms, most users found the battery a pleasure to operate.

In some cases, however, the battery performance declined after some time, eventually leading to incomplete charging. WORX explains that this is due to overcharging, which weakens the overall battery capacity over time. We do wish, however, that WORX had specifically mentioned this in the user manual.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple design that is easy on the arms.
  • Excellent speed range and blowing power
  • Nozzle design allows for micromanagement of speeds
  •  Multispeed operations are very simple courtesy location of the speed controls
  • Battery charging is a breeze in most instances


  • Lack of advanced attachments is a shortcoming for professional users
  • Lack of warnings regarding overcharging can lead to faulty battery performance.

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